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Do you like dreaming of erotic scenes, going places you never thought you would go? Maybe you'll never do these things in real life, maybe you are like me and feed off of the sexual energy so there are very few things off limits in Erotic Story Time.

One of my favorite things to do is to take the theme of a hot erotic call and write stories around it. Or perhaps create a tale based on true life events, with a literary license, of course! Check out my blog, His Story Foot and Shoe Fetish series with a MILF dynamic built in. Sexy Mistress Journal and for those so inclined: Miss Lola's Dress Up Boutique. What's your sexy suggestion for a story?

Perhaps you don't think you are into storytelling or roleplay? You like to talk about your kinks with someone or guided masturbation. But never asked about storytelling / roleplay kind of calls.

Are you a Stroke-em Poke-em and Shoot, that's hot! Sure that gets the job done and in many cases a lot of fun! Shake it up, mix it up. We can have a lot of fun!

Why don't we do this. Email me and tell me what kind of erotic things go through your head when you're typically pleasuring yourself, I'll toss you an idea or two and let's give it a go! I've converted more than one guy like you. It may not be your main dish for all calls, or you might fall in lust with them and together we can explore some very hot scenes! Regardless, it's something to add some spice. New hot female co-worker? We'll write her in a sexy little story that you can edge to for however long you like.

Some like a general scene, and they fill in the blanks. The vixen was wearing a sexy short dress, thigh high boots her hair wild with that "just been f-ckd" look. I find this to be easiest with shorter calls or if you don't have patience for details.

But if you like detail then just say so. Playing out the fantasy story to its fullest is wonderful for longer calls, and particular if you are one who is detail oriented. I love working on ideas and preparing for these calls, as my mind tends to go into overdrive. Taking myself there, looking around and making note so I can paint the perfect picture.

You may love knowing that the sexy short dress was a skater cut, and the soft fabric swung back and forth under the soft curve of her soft ass, and the white strappy heels make a sharp click as she walked across the tiled floor. You're entranced by the scent of her perfume as it's carried through the air, like a whisper of her lingering just for you to inhale, you watch as she sashays to the door. Turning and seeing the glazed look in your eye, she knows. She knows you have or will, very shortly, give up all control over your cock, your balls. And yes. perhaps your life, just to be able to be here, with her, like this. You are being compelled to follow her, through, that, door.