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I love to write, read and co-create whole worlds of colorful characters and vivid stories. When the vices and virtues, trials, and tribulations take on a life of their own, I am in my element. Feeling the story come alive and feel real, igniting on it's own energy and force is such a fun exercise to incubate the imagination as well as erotic inspirations.

So DO YOU have a tale you want to spin with me or maybe a role you are just dying to sink your teeth into? You want to get down deep inside it don't you? Or maybe you have a few ideas but your pen just can't seem to penetrate the paper? Please share! Role-playing verbally, through written word, or in play-acting are all improvisations that I partake in with zeal and relish.

Just a small sampling of one of my naughty novellas:

College Can Be A School Of Hard Knocks...

?DRIIIINNNGGG?, the alarm dismissing class seemed extra shrill as I opened my bleary eyes.

?Oh not again?, I thought to myself as my groggy mind groped to ascertain what class it was that I had apparently slept through.

I just barely managed to get my bearing and was scrambling to my backpack to find the notes for my next class to which I was already running late ...

?Fiona!? Mr. Larkin?s voice, pounced with a languid growl. His tone attempted to be empathic but was bogged down with irritated resignation. His brown eyes might have been brimming with annoyance but I could sense an arousal hiding and trying not to peak out.

?Do you want to explain to me what?s going on with you these past few weeks??

--Want to see where this leads us or did you have another sexy scenario in mind? I always enjoy a challenging cohort for my storytelling?