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The Teacher/Student Roleplay

by Sexy Storyteller and Roleplay Mistress Ryan of

In addition to being a phone sex Femdom, I'm also a lifestyle Mistress who's pretty heavily involved in the BDSM community where I live. So much so that I am sometimes asked to give lectures on various topics or teach classes on subjects that are within my area of expertise.

I hardly ever turn these opportunities down (and when I do, it's almost always because of prior committments). I enjoy imparting my knowledge to others, as I view it as a form of "giving back" to the community that has given me so much.

Because of that, I've been the direct "teacher" of nearly everyone in my local community and of a number of people from farther away as well. This has certainly never been a problem; on the contrary, it turns out that a number of the male (and some female!) submissives who've taken some of my classes seem to really appreciate that particular dynamic.

Mistresses Enjoy a Good Roleplay

I have always been open to the concept of roleplay, of course. So many of the things that we Mistresses do, both on the phone and in real time, rely quite heavily upon it, so it's hardly unusual for me engage in some roleplay with my subs. But some of them, after having taken some of my classes, seemed to develop a big thing for the Teacher/student dynamic...which naturally evolved into a good deal of Teacher/student roleplaying.

I certainly don't mind. I find most types of roleplays appealing. The ones with inherent power dynamics to them, doubly so. So when some of my trusted "students"--both phone and real time--wanted to play around with it, I was more than happy to oblige them.

I think that I have the kind of personality that makes for a good teacher. I thirst after knowledge, and I enjoy sharing the things I've learned with others. I'm also a good leader, as many of you will attest to, and I know how to be strict when necessary. And, of course, I've also got the sort of dirty mind that lends itself to exciting "after-school" extracurricular activities! (It doesn't hurt that spanking is high on my list of kinks, either.)

Meet Me in My Office After School

Perhaps my favorite variation of Teacher/student roleplaying (especially over the phone) is when I take on the role of college professor and my sub is a student in one of my classes...Human Sexuality 301, for example. Because I don't take on "bad boys" as submissives, I rarely have use for the "What can I do to bring my grades up, Ms. Ryan?" trope. Instead, I prefer to meet with my favorite students--my *best* students--in my office after class to discuss topics of mutual interest. If it just so happens that said students tend to enjoy the company of mature dominant women, then all the better for the both of us. Sometimes, the best way for a person to learn is to use the "hands-on" method, after all.

Do you happen to have any fantasies about mature dominant women teachers or professors?